How to Sync a Compatible Smartphone with Your New Mazda Model Via Bluetooth® Technology

In a world driven by technological advancements, it comes as no surprise that people are seeking out more modern modes of transportation for their daily drives, too. Many drivers choose a new Mazda model for this reason. With features like Bluetooth® included as a part of the MAZDA CONNECT™ multimedia system, you can enjoy a connected ride.

Connectivity Made Easy with Bluetooth® and Mazda

Those who own a smartphone will find it easier than ever to pair it with their new Mazda. Simply put your vehicle in park and activate the Bluetooth® function on your mobile device. Then, access your automobile's settings through the touchscreen display on the center console, select the Bluetooth® menu, and press "add new device." This will prompt both your phone and your car to discover each other. Go back to your phone and choose "Mazda" from the compatible devices shown. Doing so will present a code on the screen. Make sure it matches the number displayed on your Mazda system and confirm by choosing "yes" to complete the pairing process.

What Does Bluetooth® Connectivity Entail?

With your phone paired to your new Mazda through Bluetooth®, you can do the following:

  • Utilize vehicle and phone functions with voice commands
  • Make outgoing and receive incoming calls
  • Send an emergency call in the event of a collision

Learn More at Our Poughkeepsie Mazda Dealership

Bluetooth® is just one of the ways to link your personal device with your new Mazda car or SUV. To learn more about other features now available from the automaker, we encourage you to refer to your owner's manual or to contact the representatives at our Poughkeepsie Mazda dealership to have any of your questions answered. If you like, we can always give you a hands-on demonstration of new Mazda technologies, right here at Route 9 Mazda of Poughkeepsie.

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